11 September 2006

1. I always wanted to be a spectacular dancer.

2. The principle reason I am not in graduate school right now is that I had an unsettling falling out with my long-time mentor, eventually resulting in our complete estrangement. It was primarily my fault, though she certainly filliped the collapse. I lost my will to continue on a Wednesday, and began investigating MBA rankings that Friday. I made the professional conversion to philosophy after realising that, even despite the horrors of the profession, I could lead my many lives as an academic.

3. I am capable of detaching myself from anything: a person, a plant, a planet.

4. I spent my entire high school career eating unhealthy lunches and playing Starcraft. I cannot remember doing homework even once, and spent more time in the music practice rooms than anywhere else. The investment paid off: I earned a set of skills that separated me from the rest.

5. All I really ever wanted to be was a musician. Although I ravish heightened intellectual discourse, and the ability to pen convoluted meditations on obscure topics, nothing compares to my extended tenure at the fabled 194 Queen St. W.

6. I have an infectious and enthusiastic attitude about me. People seem to believe what I say, irrespective of whether I give a convincing argument, show some empirical fact to be true or merely smile while I speak.

7. Me and the scientific enterprise will forever be at odds. I am extremely weary of the status we give to the information that gets generated by this machine. Psychology is my prime target, the ne plus ultra of my theoretical foes.

8. I am a secular defender of the organised religions. One of the few remaining.