21 September 2006

I am trying an experiment in online thinking. Instead of having a links list that engenders popularity and rage, I think that the exits in the peripheral column should be parsimoniously selected, only including those whose online presence enriches my daily life. Yes, I read a handful of e-journals everyday. But I could not possibly identify most of these as members of my reflexive network. So I eliminated them.

Is this really just an exercise in pretentious favouritism? No. If I am right, then the people I identify on the rightmost part of the screen are simply those whose attitudes, styles and visions are most like mine. I might not read them every day, and I might even read the invisible nodes more than these, but I picked them because they are necessary ingredients to my virtual life.

I have met some of them. But I do not want to meet them all. Sometimes it is nice to have a completely virtual presence lingering over you like a rainbow.