06 September 2006

I try to surround myself with open minds -- those forever modifying what they take to self-reflectively know through contemplation.

I could not care less whether you have a bank of accomplishments, or a high standardised test score. Nor do I mind if you favour American to British punctuation conventions. What I do care is that you seek what is unfamiliar.

My rule of thumb is to keep my distance from people who purport to know what they are doing, where they are going, and the causes and parties to which they belong. This is not to say that I steer clear from those with some idea of what they want to do. (On the contrary: we all need direction.) I only try to keep away from those who seldom exercise their counterfactual faculty of thought.

I like to surround myself with similarly erratic wanderers. But here I fall victim to my own charge. It is flatly hypocritical of me to say that we should all dive into a sea of social diversity when I cease to connect with groups A, B and C.