18 October 2006

There has been a slow and powerful breakthrough in my online sapience. Despite a lowered quantity of online contact, I am more in touch with my electronic network than ever. Getting deep into this world requires little more than a comment here, an observation there. And everyone who matters to me knows this. They know that I linger through the nodes, sometimes more frequently than others, but, all the while, I patiently take in their streams of words that keep me moving at night. They know that I depend on their daily posts. They know that I love chasing an enigma.

(We leave clues for one another.)

It is times like this that I notice how immature the online universe is. Why do we keep track our viewer statistics like an economist keeps track of our GNP? Just as you cannot track the progress of a nation through its financial earnings -- and the United States is an excellent example of this -- you cannot quantify the depth of your online engagement with a series of Arabic numbers.

Perhaps we should all delight in extending outward, and not the effects that accompany this action. Paradoxically, it is only then that we will find the audience that we seek.