07 December 2006

I have been asked whether I would like to work unconventional hours at work: 7 PM to 3 AM. I initially thought this would be a bad idea. But I am now coming to sense the sweet tartness in it all.

My sleeping hours are already unconventional. I cannot stand to sleep through the night until it is well past midnight, but, at the same time, my current job requires me to wake up at 6 AM. Check the math. That is but a few hours of sleep each night. I compensate by taking two hour naps around dinner time.

This has to stop. Nothing it more disturbing than having two beginnings each day: both in complete darkness. (It is Vancouver, remember.) I figure that taking the unconventional shift might solve this problem.

I see myself waking at dusk, and sleeping after dawn. Right now, work requires me to miss both fringe encounters with the sun. Perhaps I will wake up at 4 PM and go to sleep at 10 AM. That way, I can make the most important meals with the cute one that I love.

As it stands, I am missing both.