27 March 2007


This is the template for each email I send. The first paragraph almost always consists of exactly two sentences, the first of which typically greets the addressee, or thanks them for their continued correspondence.

Then I get into the heart of the matter. I try to keep this section brief, but, for obvious reasons, it is usually the longest, sometimes extending three paragraphs or more. What can I say? I have information to disclose. I try to keep a light air in the composition. But I nonetheless stick to my formal habits: no contractions, and no use of the possessive apostrophe. (The latter is one of my inexplicably odd rules.)

I sometimes include a final paragraph before the end. Such is so when it is the inaugeral member of a thread, or when a landing point is required after a lengthy meditation. I do not always need one, especially if I care little about the health and happiness of the addressed party.

Closing greeting,