19 June 2007

They say that people sometimes change after long illnesses. And I can see why. Entering my fourth week of being bedridden, I only barely feel like myself. My energy is at an all time low, and, for that, I am irritable. I have lost my ability to partake in basic home duties, let alone live up to my spontaneously mobile standard of living.

I am thankful for the care, and I am thankful for the visits. But I am sorry that everything is on pause now. I am sorry that I am not playing the show you so generously organised for me this weekend. I am sorry that I missed you when you came to Toronto. I am sorry we never went on that bike ride. I am sorry that I cannot care for myself. I am sorry that I have not processed my reimbursement forms. And I am sorry that I am snappy. But I am thankful that this will all be over soon -- the six weeks I never want back.