06 August 2007

I am done here for a while. You might have inferred that by the seriously diminishing frequency at which I choose to post. But I have other things on the go, not limited to a new life in the United States. Electronically speaking, I have two sites that I plan to develop over the months.

The first is a Flickr site. I like the interface, and I like posting images. I have never really done that before. And it is liberating. I want to document my life in a more concrete way, and, naturally, this pushes me away from the cryptic writing here, and toward keeping catalogued visual records of my doings. Flickr is my impetus to do this.

The other is YouTube. I plan to post a number of little movies here.

So visit if you like. I am going to keep this site up, but I am unsure whether there will be anything of any substance posted here in the next little while.